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Brief Biography of Sultanul Arifeen

His full name was Abdul Abbas Mohiuddin Syed Ahmed Kabir Rifayee (Razi Allahu Taala anhu). One of his forefather's name was 'Rifaah' and so he became very popular with the name of Rifayee. Having born as 15th descendant of Hazrath Syedna Imam Hussain Razi Allahu Taala anhu, he was called 'Hussaini'. He belonged to the 'Shaafayee' Maslak. Even before his birth itself Huzur Akram Sallallahu Alaih Wasallam prophesied about him to his maternal uncle Hazrath Baz'as'hab Mansoor Bataahi (R.A.). He asked him to name the boy Ahmed. He said that he would be the leader of saints (Auliya Allah) and advised him to send the boy to Shaik Ali Qadiri Wasthi (R.A.) for education and training.


Hazrath Ahmed Kabir Rifayee (R.A.) was born on 15th Rajab 512 Hijri (1117 A.D.) (I.e. Thursday) at Hassan, a village in Iraq. He learnt the Holy Qur'an by heart under the guidance of Hazrath Shaik Adbus Samee Al Hasbuni (R.A.). Later he completed his Islamic studies under the guidance of Hazrath Shaik Ali Qadiri (R.A.).

He was blessed with the knowledge of mystic powers by Hazrath Shaik Baz'as'hab Bathaai. It is learnt that even in his childhood he never took milk during the days of Ramzan. He strictly followed Qur'an. So, he became popular as an Islamic scholar and man of high morals quite early in life.

Once his uncle asked him to fetch some leaves. He went for them but returned with empty hands. He said to his uncle, "I found the leaves immersed themselves in invocation (Zikr) of Allah Taala, hence I did not separate them from the tree.

In 555 Hijri (1159 A.D.), he went on a pilgrimage to Hajj and visited Madina shareef for paying his obeisance (homage) to his great grand father. He went near the Rauza-e-Aqdas (Holy shrine) of Hazrath Mohammad Sallallahu Alaihi wasallam and paid salam "Assalam alaikum ya Jaddi" (my great grand father). In reply he heard from the Holy shrine "Waalaikum assalam ya waldi" (my son). All the people who were present there also heard the holy words. He further said " I always sent my soul on my behalf to kiss the Holy Land of Madina shareef, as I live away from you. Now I have come in person to kiss you. Kindly stretch your hands so that I can kiss them and get your merciful blessings". Then the holy hand of Hazrath Mohammad (S.A.W.) stretched forward out of the holy grave. He kissed the holy hand with great devotion and reverence. Nearly 90 thousand devotees witnessed the incident. There were Hazrath Shaik Abdul Qadir al Jeelani (R.T.A.), Hazrath Shaik Hayath (R.T.A.) and Hazrath Shaik Aadi Ashami (R.T.A.) among them.

Hazrath Syed Ahmed Kabir Rifayee (R.A.) showed a number of miracles. He used to bring a dead body to life by the grace of Allah. He believes that the miracles of saints (Auliya Allah) are the miracle of the Prophet (S.A.W.).

Now some disciples of Rifayee order (tariqa) still perform some miracles. They pierce knives and long needless into their bodies by invoking the holy name of syed Ahmed Kabir Rifayee. They do not feel any pain or damage. This is nothing but Rifayee Zarbath.

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